7 Best Watches For Medical Professionals

Doctors and medical students are among the people you regularly see wearing watches. It is a vital tool that each physician and medical student must have. If you’re a medical professional, doctor, nurse, or student of medicine looking for a suitable watch, you’ve come to the correct place. This post will look more closely at the best watches for medical professionals

Fitbit Inspire HR- Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor Fitbit Inspire HR- Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor Fitbit Inspire HR- Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor
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Apple Watch Series 7 GPS and Sport Band Apple Watch Series 7 GPS and Sport Band Apple Watch Series 7 GPS and Sport Band
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Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch
  • Rating:4.5 out of 5
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Vivoactive 4 GPS Watch from Garmin Vivoactive 4 GPS Watch from Garmin Vivoactive 4 GPS Watch from Garmin
  • Rating:4.5 out of 5
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Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung
  • Rating:3.8 out of 5
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Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch Timex Ironman Essential 30 Watch
  • Rating:4.4 out of 5
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Fitbit Versa 2 Heart Rate Monitor Health & Fitness Smartwatch Fitbit Versa 2 Heart Rate Monitor Health & Fitness Smartwatch Fitbit Versa 2 Heart Rate Monitor Health & Fitness Smartwatch
  • Rating:4.6 out of 5
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We’ll review everything else you should consider and have in mind when making your decision. We also include buying guide that helps in making your decision easier and picking the best watch for healthcare professionals on the list.

There are several reasons why doctors and medical students wear watches. The following are the most important: By keeping track of the time, they may make sure they arrive on time for all of their appointments, meetings, and other events, Perform assessments, Keep records, take measurements, and arrange for medical care. And to perform all these activities, I suggest the Fitbit Inspire HR smartwatch as the best choice. As it is equipped with many amazing features

While the wristwatch has become a popular accessory for many people, in the medical profession it is used more as a practical tool. Medical professionals mostly prefer analogue watches. But as technology is emerging and in this fast and technical era smartwatches become the choice of this generation of healthcare professionals. If you are a gadget freak and love to buy the latest model you can also pick the Apple watch series 8, as it is also integrated with amazing features and is a good choice for medical professionals. 

In this list, we add the best smartwatches, helpful for medical professionals. Here we compile a list of the 7 best watches for medical professionals. Let’s check it out

1. Fitbit Inspire HR- Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor 

Fitbit is a well-known gadget and watch for tracking fitness activities. The Fitbit Inspire HR is also well-liked by healthcare professionals. Its compact and slender design allows it to fit comfortably and discretely on the wrist.

It has many fitness-related features because it is a fitness watch, like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, resting heart rate and heart rate zones during exercises, steps, distance, hourly activities, and much more.

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It can automatically sync to 200+ Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices and has a battery life of up to 5 days. Also, it can sync via Bluetooth LE and an Internet connection.

You can track your physical activity at any time, including while you’re not working, by swimming, going for walks, riding a bike, etc.

When necessary, the smartwatch is simple to rinse and clean.

Customer Review

Fitbit makes the absolute best Fitness Devices and the most user-friendly Fitness App! Period!


  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Calorie burn tracking and additional features for fitness
  • Operating range: -10 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • Using Bluetooth technology
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Never used a screen protector and the screen has held up great.


  • A heart rate tracker is not always reliable, even when placed on your arm exactly as directed by the instructions. 
  • Doesn’t sync smoothly with every food-tracking app. 

2. Apple Watch Series 7 GPS and Sport Band

The Apple Watch doesn’t need to be introduced. A doctor or other healthcare professionals may find this useful smartwatch’s features and functionalities useful.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has connectivity functions that let you keep track of your phone’s emails, texts, calls, and notifications. You can access apps and stream music, among other things. The Apple Watch can, to a considerable extent, carry out many of the same tasks as your iPhone.

The watch is built with a crystal that resists cracking and features a swim-proof construction, making cleaning easy. Thanks to numerous apps, you can access several health-related features, including the blood oxygen sensor, ECG, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitor.

Due to its adaptability and broad range of capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the most well-liked watches among physicians and other healthcare professionals.


  • Check functional health
  • Testing blood oxygen levels
  • Charges very quickly
  • Available with cellular connectivity and GPS
  • Equipped with a long list of features and functions
  • Swimproof


  • Requires an iPhone to use
  • Same battery life as previous versions
  • Bit costly

3. Apple Watch Series 8 Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series is the finest smartwatch with a second hand for nurses includes a brilliant, always-on retina display touch screen that supports haptics, is available in two case sizes, and enables calls and texts.

Most smartwatches include programmable faces that let you choose from several analogue and digital panels. But due to the colourful, always-on retina display, the Series 8 Apple Watch is the most excellent smartwatch. 

You’ll like that this selection also supports GPS, WiFi, and cellular. As a result, you may use your cell carrier to make calls, send texts, and even set up a dedicated line for your watch for a hands-free experience. Along with these functions, Apple Watches also often measures sleep, steps, an ECG, and continuous heart rate. An ABC sensor, Emergency SOS, and fall detection are integrated. You’ll appreciate having the option of a 40- or 44-millimetre case and the strong silicone strap that comes with it.

The Apple series 8 battery life typically falls far from what the manufacturer claims, as is typical with Apple Watches. Reviewers observed that turning off the always-on retina display was the most significant way to maximise battery life because, after frequent calls and messages, the display was the second-highest battery drain. However, the best smartwatch for medical professionals because of its increased capabilities.

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Customer Review

Love the watch, it does everything I need it to do and more. Sleep tracking is excellent, heart rate monitors and blood oxygen sensors are very useful. The alarm hasn’t failed me yet.


  • Supports text and call
  • Available in case sizes of 40 and 44 mm
  • Robust activity monitors


  • Battery life is reduced when using intelligent features frequently.

4. Vivoactive 4 GPS Watch from Garmin

The prominent brand Garmin makes fitness equipment and gadgets.

Doctors and those in the healthcare industry choose the Garmin Vivoactive 4, a smartwatch with loads of fitness-related features. It sports a 45mm casing and an 8-day battery life.

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The watch can monitor a wide range of health and fitness-related information, including your level of energy, stress, sleep, heart rate, and hydration. It offers smartwatch features like the ability to download tunes, provide GPS data, track workouts, display smart notifications, view incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders, and many more fitness-related items.

This sophisticated smartwatch works well for healthcare workers on and off the clock and is a terrific partner for giving you essential facts and information. Additionally, it serves as more than just a watch and a timekeeper. It is a valuable and applicable tool.

Customer Review

The price was markedly lower than other brands, the design is lovely, and it is a stunning piece. The watch is sturdy and very comfortable as I have tiny wrists and it is a perfect fit with the adjustable band. I highly recommend Garmin products which I have found to be of excellent quality and value.


  • The strength Training feature is really interesting, it registers common movements such as Squats, Bench Press, etc. so all you have to do is set it and then review after to adjust anything it missed.
  • The battery is great.
  • GPS is very accurate and quick to locate satellites.
  • Very customizable (which can be a negative for some, lots of features can get overwhelming)


  • It also doesn’t account for naps or periods of awake time, it only allows for one sleep event per day.
  • No standard Hiking activity option, they have every other exercise you can think of, but you need to download this separately from their app store.
  • Not convinced about the stress or body battery feature, doesn’t seem to reflect my current levels

5. Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a smartwatch. With a focus on health, this watch delivers cutting-edge functionality and features.

It has a slender and svelte design that is, first and foremost, attractive and simple to clean and rinse. The watch has functions for monitoring sleep, heart rate, heart rhythm, workouts, live coaching sessions, oxygen levels, heart and lung endurance, and many other things.

In addition to this, a tonne of functions is available, like apps, texting, phone extensions, and more, that you would expect to see in a smartwatch.

As you can see, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 is practical for doctors and other healthcare professionals on and off the clock.

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  • A stylish watch, love it.
  • It is comfortable to wear all day. 
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • Navigation using the crown is perfect, 
  • Response times are great. 


  • The one drawback is the battery life; using the watch as suggested by Samsung (activity tracking, AOD, and sleep tracking) you will never make it through an entire day. 
  • Since the battery won’t last thru a day and a night, I do not use it for sleep tracking but the few times I did it worked perfectly.

6. Ironman Essential 30 Watch by Timex

Timex is well known and loved for its inexpensive costs and excellent craftsmanship. The Timex Ironman includes a few more features in addition to keeping time because it is a digital watch, unlike the majority of Timex’s other watches.

It is composed of resin, which makes it sturdy and scratch-resistant, and it has a 42mm diameter in terms of design. The silicone strap is charming to wear. The watch is also straightforward to wash and rinse.

The watch features a 24-hour countdown timer, a 100-hour chronograph with 30-lap memory, and three daily, weekday, or weekend alarms. It has a day, date, and month calendar, two time zones, and a 24-hour military time mode. It boasts a giant digital screen and an Indiglo light-up watch dial for optimal legibility.

At 100m/330 feet, the water resistance is also relatively strong, making it appropriate for swimming and cleaning.

Customer Review

Keeps time and looks good doing it. It’s a clean design, not very bulky at all. If logos bother you they are on the crystal, but for what you get that issue ranks pretty low. All in all, I like it.


  • The upside is the read is huge and easy to read when on the move.
  • Easy-to-feel buttons that were easy to press and clearly had one function or another and wouldn’t need to be fumbled with, especially when tired
  • Pretty rugged construction
  • The strap that wouldn’t acquire stank through exercise
  • Easy-to-use countdown counter that could be constantly reused without needing to be set to a specific number of seconds each time.


  • No user complained about the watch.

7. Fitbit Versa 2 Heart Rate Monitor Health & Fitness Smartwatch

As a full-on smartwatch with a big screen, the Fitbit Versa 2 differs slightly from the Fitbit we previously reviewed.

It is therefore loaded with features and functionalities that are helpful at work and outside. It comes pre-loaded with various features that are beneficial to your health, including a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, steps, distance, calories burnt, hourly activity, and much more. You may use the watch’s built-in Alexa to easily and swiftly retrieve information, set schedules and alarms, and manage your smart home devices.

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The silicone strap and 6-day battery life of the watch make it simple to clean and sanitise, which is essential for healthcare personnel.

The Spotify app gives you quick and easy access to music as well. Thanks to the wide display, you can easily and quickly see the information and the time.

It also features smartphone connectivity to view your calendar, send and receive texts, and much more. All of this makes life easier when you’re in a rush and have your hands tied. Due to quick access to your wrist, the wristwatch makes it simple to access important information.

Customer Review

Love the watch. The size is perfect. The screen/resolution is crystal clear. The selection of bands is great (though changing bands is a bit challenging). The fabric band that comes with the Special Edition version is great. Classes it up a fit.


  • Good battery life.
  • Built-in app connectivity for Amazon Alexa
  • App for exercising and tracking heart rate
  • Colourful display
  • On-screen workouts.


  •  No GPS 

A Buyer’s Guide for Best Watches for Medical Professionals

There are several factors to think about and keep in mind while purchasing any style of watch. However, if you’re a doctor or nurse, you have different requirements than looking for an ordinary watch to wear outside the office.

Healthcare personnel can only require the most expensive and opulent watches. They require something practical and beneficial to aid them in their work. You shouldn’t worry about breaking or scratching them because they should be rugged, long-lasting, and ideally affordable timepieces.


Functionality and practicality are the most important factors when choosing timepieces for healthcare personnel.

It would help if you considered several crucial factors to ensure the watch is appropriate for your work. Let’s look at it.

Analogue or digital

The actual decision is between purchasing a traditional analogue watch and a smartwatch. Of course, each of these watches has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Still, a smartwatch is much more advanced and has a tonne of capabilities than a typical analogue watch. An analogue watch is a perfect choice if the time is all you care about. Analog watches typically only display the time.

But a smartwatch can be an excellent choice if you want more features and functions. You can access features like notifications, smartphone connectivity, fitness monitoring, and more here. Since a smartwatch is simply a little computer on your wrist, the possibilities are unlimited.

Size of the dial

The watch size should be chosen after deciding if you want a smartwatch or an analogue watch. The watch’s size is mostly determined by the size of your wrist. Naturally, you’ll want to choose a large wrist if you have large wrists, and the opposite is true.

You should also take the size of the screen and dial into account. Naturally, it is simpler to read the time and the information displayed on a dial with a more significant size. A bigger size or screen can therefore be quite crucial. It is especially crucial for a smartwatch because it makes it simpler to operate and navigate the functionalities and apps.

The watch should be hidden and out of the way when working with patients, so you might want to avoid purchasing the most oversized watch available. A big watch could also get in the way while working with patients.


There isn’t much to say about this other than that you want your watch to fit comfortably on your wrist. You want to ensure you are comfortable and not frustrated by the watch that continuously gets in the way or feels uncomfortable on the wrist when working in the healthcare industry. The strap and watch size are the two most crucial elements for comfort.


Although size was previously mentioned as a strategy to increase legibility, there are other aspects.

For nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals, a watch’s legibility is crucial to immediately getting the information you need with a glance at your wrist. Make sure your analogue watch has significant markings and contrasting hands if you have one.

For smartwatches, you want to make sure that they have the appropriate brightness and contrast. It can rapidly annoy you rather than be a helpful and practical tool when you have a watch that you need to glance at for a long time merely to know the time.

Additionally, it can be helpful to have a watch dial that is simple enough and manageable because these features can serve as distractions and make it more challenging to scan the time.

We must also examine legibility in low-light and dark environments when talking about legibility. This leads to the following point.

Backlight and luminescence

Given that working conditions in this industry aren’t always optimal, a medical watch must be legible in dimly lit and gloomy areas. This is especially valid if you work nights. You require a digital smartwatch with a backlit screen if you want it to function in low light. The hands and markers of your analogue watch should both have luminescence, so you can quickly read it.

Battery power

For practical reasons, all of the analogue medical watches on this list are quartz watches, which means that batteries power them. Smartwatches are, of course, the same way.

Having stated that, you should think about the battery life.

The battery life of an analogue quartz watch is often relatively long—at least a year. Due to its increasing complexity, a smartwatch often only has a few days of battery life before you need to charge it.

If having to charge the watch all the time annoys you, you could choose a quartz watch instead, which has a significantly longer battery life. The fact that the watch doesn’t stop working in the middle of the day is the most crucial aspect, though. Consider the watch’s battery life when making plans.


For a watch worn by medical professionals, water resistance is not essential. The watch must, nonetheless, be resistant to water and withstand rinsing.

This is crucial because, for obvious reasons, medical personnel should occasionally wipe and disinfect their watch. It’s also normal to wash your hands frequently; water will inevitably spray over your watch when you do.

As a result, you need a watch that can withstand water splashes and be rinsed.

As a result, be sure to opt for a watch that can withstand being submerged in water without cracking. It can typically be rinsed with water if it has a water resistance of at least 30 to 50 metres.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can a smartwatch be used as a medical watch?

Due to the helpful functionality they provide, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular among physicians and other members of the medical community. Regular analogue timepieces have been used by doctors historically, but thanks to technological advancements, they have become more valuable and practical both at work and outside of it.

Therefore, smartwatches are a fantastic idea and a helpful tool for doctors to have. They are robust, adaptable, and, most significantly, loaded with features and functions.

What characteristics should I search for in a medical watch?

Some essential attributes and capabilities have already been covered, but it also depends on the kind of watch you choose. It also depends on your wants and preferences since a smartwatch is much more sophisticated than an analogue watch.

The two most crucial features are timekeeping and legibility, but a smartwatch can also benefit fitness tracking, health tracking, and phone connectivity.


There is a variety of options available. Nowadays watches are specially designed for women, kids, businessmen, students, and medical professionals. These watches have special features and designs as per their personality and profession.

The best watches for medical professionals must be robust, long-lasting, suited for various complex environments, and water-resistant to maintain easily. The watch is comfortable and straightforward to clean with a practical strap made of rubber or silicone.

Hope you will find the watch as per your desire and budget. To know more about smartwatches check out the latest article.

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