Best Watches For Nursing Students

Many girls frequently inquire, “What are the best watches for nursing students?” and “What watch should I acquire for nursing school?”

You’re looking for a wristwatch because you’re about to start nursing school. First of all, congrats. If you asked me, I must suggest Apple Watch Series 3. As it is not the latest model it can fit into your budget. Before listing the best watches for nursing students, we’ll first go through the five traits every nursing student should look for in a watch.

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All medical practitioners must wear wristwatches. You must always maintain accurate records of treatment schedules and shifts. As you move on from school life, our selections will still be valuable because they will contain everything practicing nurses and students could need. Let’s start now!

The Crucial Components of a Nursing Student’s Watch

To ensure that you and the rest of your cohort are on the same page, you will be documenting and timestamping as a nursing student. Your nursing career will continue in this manner.

In nursing school, being aware of the passing of time is crucial. As a nurse, you must be detailed when ordering lab tests, altering a patient’s prescription, and monitoring respiratory and heart rates. You can also check the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor in a related article.

After all, there is only sometimes a handy clock in the room while manually checking someone’s vital signs.

The following watch features have to be standard for all medical practitioners and students studying nursing:

Legible display: You’ll need a show that you can read quickly, whether on a clinical or taking a test where phones aren’t allowed. Backlighting is also useful for working nurses who need to check on their patients when they’re sleeping. You don’t want to wake them up by turning on the light!

Second hand: When taking vitals manually, you’ll need to watch the passing seconds. You can use a running seconds display on a digital watch as well.

Hospitals frequently utilize military time. A 24-hour clock, which is comparable but has a slightly different format, can also be used. Military time is shown as 2000 for 8 o’clock, but a 24-hour clock is shown as 20:00.

Alarms and Timers: While some students believe you should only set timers and alarms during busy clinical, it’s fairly simple to forget to perform a task when things are quiet.

You want to be awake, energized, and remembered to change a patient’s medication! Quiet notifications, like backlighting, are ideal for night shifts to prevent waking your patients.

Construction that is simple to disinfect: This is more crucial for students when they begin clinical, but why not get a head start? This way, you won’t need to change your watch when practicing professionally.

As a nurse, you will do your duties in unhygienic settings. Contrary to brass, plastic or rubber constructions are quite simple to sanitize.

Additionally, you’ll need a watch with water resistance because you’ll be washing your hands frequently.

Best Watches for Nursing Students and Nurses

1. Apple Watch Series 5

The Series 5 of the Apple Watch includes everything you’ll need and more, so there’s no need to spend an additional $300 for the most recent model. You can activate a digital clock for quick time checks or an analog face for pulse readings on the easily readable, bespoke OLED display.

The ability to receive texts without grabbing your phone and utilize voice control to set alarms are two additional benefits of smartwatches. For someone who is always on their feet, apps like fitness trackers are wonderful but only partially necessary.


  • Continuous display enhances usability
  • Feature-rich apparatus
  • ECG continues to be innovative.
  • Adding a compass makes navigation easier.
  • International SOS calls in times of need
  • New ceramic and titanium finishes
  • New applications expand their powers.


  • No sleep monitoring
  • The same style as the Apple Watch 4
  • The maximum battery life is still a day and a half.
  • Does not function on Android phones

2. Ironman Timex Classic

The Timex Ironman Classic, made of resin and plastic, contains all the essentials for nursing students in a package that costs around $40. The watch’s clear dial is easily seen in any lighting situation thanks to Timex’s Indiglo light, making it ideal for late-night study sessions and, eventually, late-night patient checks. Thanks to the straightforward tactile buttons, you can easily and quickly utilize the 30-lap memory stopwatch and military time mode.

The Ironman Classic 100’s big display makes it simple to read the time while you’re on duty. Even the backlight has an Indiglo feature so that you can read the time in any lighting.

The alarms on this watch can be customized. They can be programmed to run every day, every week, or even just on the weekends. It also features a lap memory recall feature and a 24-hour countdown timer.

Customer Review

“Keeps time and looks good doing it. It’s a clean design, not very bulky at all. If logos bother you they are on the crystal, but for what you get that issue ranks pretty low. All in all, I like it.”


  • The upside is the read is huge and easy to read when on the move.
  • Easy-to-feel buttons that were easy to press and clearly had one function or another and wouldn’t need to be fumbled with, especially when tired
  • Pretty rugged construction
  • The strap that wouldn’t acquire stank through exercise
  • Easy-to-use countdown counter that could be constantly reused without needing to be set to a specific number of seconds each time.


  • No user complained about the watch.

3. Medical scrub watch by Speidel

The Speidel Medical Scrub watch is a medical emblem created for medical personnel but has since evolved into a bit of a fashion statement. The red second hand adds a splash of color and makes it simple to discern the passing of time, while the white dial’s 12 and 24-hour marks are contrasted and make for a colorful and incredibly legible display. Additionally, you can purchase the rubber strap in just about any color to match your scrubs.

Nurses and other medical personnel can wear the Speidel Scrub Watch. It has a red second hand that makes it simpler to take precise pulse readings. Additionally, the 12 and 24-hour markers are very simple to read.

The watch’s strap is entirely silicone, making it simple to clean. Use a tissue to wipe it away, or rapidly rinse it with water. You won’t have to be concerned about harming it because it is water-resistant.

You can purchase one with white leather or a stainless steel strap if you don’t like silicone straps.


  • Durable
  • Includes a variety of color choices
  • A comfortable fit
  • Watch face illuminates.


  • Band may perspire
  • Not glowing

4. Armitron Watch

The digital display on the Armitron Watch is stylish. It maintains functionality without sacrificing style.

In actuality, it displays two time zones. It also includes a stopwatch, an alarm, and a timer. Additionally, there is the choice to enable military time.

The watch’s silicone band is hygienic and water-resistant. That’s one quality a nurse should always seek.

The color of this watch eventually fades, which is one drawback. However, you may always choose from one of its ten available colors because it is cheaply priced.


  • Simple
  • Watch looks elegant
  • Simple to clean
  • Not too small to read


  • Colour fading
  • It’s simple to press buttons by accident.

5. Alta Fitbit

Two sizes of the Fitbit Alta are available: small (5.5′′-6.7′′) and big (6.7′′-8.1′′). The bands come in various colors, including black, blue, plum, teal, and pink.

It records all of your daily activities, even your sleep. Additionally, you may connect it to your smartphone to send notifications directly to the watch.

The watch’s face is only 0.61 inches wide, giving it more of a bracelet appearance than a watch.

The battery can operate for up to five days without recharging, and the clock face is an OLED tap display.

The Fitbit Alta has you covered if you want an elegant design. Both men and women can seem sleek and streamlined thanks to its slim shape.

This watch can run continuously without requiring a recharge, making it ideal for 12-hour shifts, and it is something that nurses will appreciate.

It doesn’t get in the way and won’t be uncomfortable on the wrist. It’s simple to view the time and your fitness statistics thanks to the tap display.

Additionally, you can alter the layout however you like. There is an XL version that measures 8.1′′-9.3′′ in circumference if you have a larger wrist.

Some drawbacks to consider. Keep an eye out if the price of this watch drops below $100 because it can be pricey.

Additionally, smartphone compatibility could be more reliable because it only functions when the phone is close to the watch.

Another drawback is that since the Fitbit charger is exclusive to the watch, you’re screwed if you lose it.

The Fitbit includes interchangeable wristbands, possibly due to the fact that the clock face will eventually separate from the band.


  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • An outstanding fitness and sleep monitor.
  • Easily readable display
  • The watch has a long lifespan.


  • If all nurses want is a watch that indicates the time, they will likely find this Fitbit pricey.

6. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Series 6 is a great option for nurses looking for a smartwatch. This watch has an always-on Retina display that is 20% faster than the Series 5 and 30% larger than the Series 3 display.

This nursing watch also features a second hand to help you accurately take pulse measurements.

This watch syncs with your podcasts, music, and audiobooks and can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With all the bells and whistles, such as the ECG, Sleep, and Blood Oxygen apps, you can easily geek out and keep tabs on your health.

This watch for nurses is fantastic, but it is costly. You can always choose the earlier models, like the Series 3, if you’re on a tight budget and searching for a more affordable smartwatch choice.

You may purchase any Apple nursing watch on Amazon or go to a shop to try one on.


  • Functionality for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Simple health monitoring applications
  • Retina screen

7. Fitness Tracker HR by LETSCOM

A less expensive option for a fitness-tracking watch is the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR. It features GPS, sports modes, a heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker, and sleep tracking. You can also connect your phone to make and receive calls and text messages.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in “seconds” hand. But you can quickly take a patient’s vital signs using a timer. The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is also water resistant to IP67 standards. This implies that you can wear it when washing your hands and in the rain (which is very important for nurses).


  • Easy to charge.
  • No charging cable or dock required.
  • Battery life is good.


  • Not recommended to wear while swimming.

8. Fitbit Versa 2 

A fashionable and modern smartwatch that nurses will adore is the Fitbit Versa 2. The device’s brilliant OLED display and interchangeable watch faces let nurses effectively deliver information.

The OLED display also provides a full-color always-on option for users who want their screen to be visible all the time.

Numerous tools are available on the Fitbit Versa 2 to make work simpler. Using the timer tool, nurses can handle timed antibiotic doses, track patients on hypoglycemic therapy, and balance many duties.

The alarm feature is fantastic for individuals who want special daily reminders of jobs or events. Furthermore, its always-visible time and date are excellent for updating medical records and timestamping written documentation.

For nurses who are fitness enthusiasts, the Versa FitBit 2 offers excellent health and fitness capabilities. For instance, it includes health-focused apps like a heart rate monitor, a step meter, and a calorie counter.

It also provides sleep tracking for individuals who want to keep track of the quality of their sleep.

In terms of design, the Fitbit 2 places emphasis on a form with rounded edges and a polished appearance. As a result, it blends in well with the majority of scrub attire and is noticeable without being overt.

Not to add, the Fitbit Versa 2 is compatible with watch bands from prior generations.

Unquestionably, this reduces prices and makes it simple to develop a look you’ll adore. In conclusion, the Versa Fitbit 2 is one of the top wristbands for nurses looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch for work, physical activity, or personal usage.

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Customer Review

Love the watch. The size is perfect. The screen/resolution is crystal clear. The selection of bands is great (though changing bands is a bit challenging). The fabric band that comes with the Special Edition version is great. Classes it up a fit.


  • Good battery life.
  • Built-in app connectivity for Amazon Alexa
  • App for exercising and tracking heart rate
  • Colorful display
  • On-screen workouts.


  •  No GPS 

9. Series 3 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3 are in first place. With a few variations, the Series 3 Watch and the Series 5 is remarkably identical. Because you can find the Series 3 on sale for special pricing, I strongly recommend it.

The Series 5 is ideal for you if you’re searching for something that will last a little longer and is the newest technology. Because it is waterproof, offers a variety of faces you can choose from, tracks your fitness, has complete app capabilities, and more, the Apple Watch is ideal for nurses. You do require an iPhone, but it is worthwhile.

After a shift at the hospital, you can replace the bands on the Series 5 to avoid spreading germs. Separate bands are useful, and they are simple to replace.

Finally, you may change the Apple Watch’s face to fit your nursing needs. It has a sweeping second hand, a digital counter, or a stopwatch.


  • Data can power Siri and other apps
  • Adds barometer to GPS and swimproofing
  • Class-leading build quality
  • WatchOS 4 adds great new features
  • Faster processor


  • The Watch’s interface still takes too long to figure out
  • Not much difference over last year’s model
  • Price for LTE support is high
  • Battery life takes a major hit when making calls or during GPS workouts
  • Cellular connectivity problems

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an exceptional smartwatch that offers nurses a lot of versatility in the workplace. In addition, this smartwatch has a stunning design with a configurable rounded watch face.

In addition, the sharp OLED display may provide widgets that let you see crucial information. Additionally, it provides an optional always-on feature for individuals who value aesthetics.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has a stylish aluminum or stainless steel body and a variety of vibrant watchbands. Additionally, the straps are available individually and come in various materials to suit your style and circumstance.

In this instance, the silicone sports band offers the busiest nurses the highest cleanability and water resistance.

As with other smartwatches, a variety of health and fitness tracking applications are to be expected. In addition, among other capabilities, nurses can measure their sleep, manage their calendars, set timers, and check their heart rates.

It is convenient for those who want to speed up their healing and wellness.

Thanks to sophisticated sensors, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth support, you can stay connected wherever you are. So this smartwatch covers whether you need to answer an important message, make a call, or buy a coffee.

For nurses who own Samsung phones, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the best watches. Check out the third-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch Active if you’re interested in the newest technology from Samsung. You can also check out Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 full review in a related blog.

Customer Review

“The Active 2 is sleek and stylish and comfortable. The LTE version offers ability to use basic smartphone features from the watch directly without having to have it tethered to my smartphone ”

Most Commonly Asked Question

Which watch is ideal for nurses?

Since analog watches make counting seconds for pulse readings simpler, most nurses like them, the second count is displayed on digital timepieces, which some nurses may prefer to wear.

Apple watches: Are they suitable for nursing students?

Apple Watches can be used for breastfeeding. Nurses can benefit greatly from Apple Watches, especially if they operate in locations where they won’t have access to a phone. Receiving updates from your children, family, or friends might be crucial.

Do students of nursing require watches?

For medical workers, watches are a crucial piece of equipment. Nurses are continually monitoring to make sure that medications, treatment plans, and breaks are being taken, whether you are working a peaceful, incident-free night shift or a hectic day shift. You will therefore require a watch of outstanding quality that will endure change after shift.

Why do nurses wear unique timepieces?

When giving patients their medication on a regular schedule, nurses can keep track of time with the help of medical watches. This is what? Watches, therefore, aid in ensuring that patients receive medication at the appropriate times.


Wristwatches continue to be an indispensable tool for medical professionals and nursing students, even in an era when they are more of a fashion statement.

Hopefully, the answers to these queries will allow you to claim that you purchased the best watch for nursing students and nurses confidently. I also included smartwatches ideal for nurses and watches with sweeping second hands. Throughout a shift, RNs use watches for various essential tasks, so having the best watch is very helpful.

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