How to Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger 

A Garmin watch is an instance of smartwatches that tracks activity and fitness data. Garmin watches provide payment capabilities, music controls, and notification capabilities. The Forerunner, Vivosmart, and Fenix watch series are among the most popular Garmin products. Most of their watches, but not all, come with a charging wire. Therefore, let’s discuss how to charge a Garmin watch without charger. In case you forget it or misplace it.

Update more on the Garmin Watch.

The battery life on the Garmin watch is good, lasting up to two weeks in smartwatch mode and up to 36 hours in GPS mode. A Type-C charger is included with the Garmin watch. There are some alternate devices you can use to charge the Garmin watch if the Garmin charger is broken or if it is lost.

Can I charge my Garmin watch wirelessly? 

Garmin watches don’t currently support wireless charging. Therefore you can’t do it. The watch must be connected to a power source using the included charging cord.

In contrast to the Samsung smart watch and Apple, Garmin has been sluggish in integrating wireless charging into its products. You’ll have to continue using the traditional method for the time being, but we’re hopeful that some of its future models will offer this capability.

You already know that you cannot charge the Garmin watch wirelessly. Let’s look at some alternative methods. How to charge Garmin watch without a charger?

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To charge the Garmin watch, you can use the device listed below.

1. Car Charger

2. Power Bank 

3. An A.C. adapter

4. Smartphone charger

5. Solar charger

1. To charge your Garmin watch, use the car charger.

  •  Use a USB cord to link your watch to the car charger.
  •  After starting the vehicle, the watch will begin to charge.
  •  You can remove the cord from the automobile once it has finished charging.

2. Charge your Garmin watch using a power bank.

A Power Bank can be an additional charging option for the Garmin watch. The Power Bank is the most convenient way to charge your watch if you often travel to different locations. To do it, adhere to the instructions below.

  •  Connect the USB cord to the Garmin watch’s charging port.
  •  Next, click the cable’s opposite end to the power supply.
  •  The end. The Garmin wristwatch will start charging.

3. Use the A.C. adapter to charge the Garmin watch.

  •  Start by turning on your Garmin watch if it is off and inserting the short end of the A.C. adapter into the charging port on the back of the device.
  •  Connect the A.C. adapter to a wall socket or other power source.
  •  Once the switch is turned ON, the charge will begin to charge.

 You can charge the Garmin watch in the following ways. A Type-C USB cable can directly connect the Garmin watch to a P.C. and set it in addition to the methods above.

4. Use a phone charger to charge the Garmin watch.

You may charge your Garmin watch with the smartphone charger. Chargers for Garmin watches can only be type C USB cables. Use a Type C USB cord only, please.

  •  Join the Garmin Smartwatch and the Type-C USB cable.
  • Next, attach the USB cable’s opposite end to the power adapter.
  • To charge your Garmin watch, plug the adapter into a wall socket and flip the switch.

5. Use A Solar Charger To Recharge The GPS Watch.

Users of Garmin watches have the option of utilising sunshine to charge their devices as well. The most recent watches from Garmin now provide this capability. The solar charging capability is new to the Garmin Forerunner 955 series of watches.

 Keeping the most recent Garmin watches in direct sunshine will allow you to charge them. You need to use an external solar charger if you have an older Garmin watch. However, utilising a solar charger won’t provide as rapid of a charge for your Garmin watch. The entire charging process might take many hours. If there is a crisis, you can use the solar charger.

  • Put the solar charger and your watch in full sun.
  • Connect your watch to the solar charging wire.
  • The clock may need to be charged for many hours. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the charging rate will change.
  • You can take your watch off the solar charger after it has finished charging completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How often should I charge my Garmin watch?

Lithium batteries are thought to be strained at both full charge and full discharge. Their lifespan will be the longest if they are charged between 20% and 80%. To recalibrate the charge metre, occasionally let a full release and recharge.

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2 What type of charger does a Garmin watch use?

German automobile equipment is connected to computers via three USB cables: mini USB, micro USB, and USB-C.

3 Can you charge a Garmin watch on a charging pad?

Yes, you may recharge the Garmin watch using the charging dock.

1. Set the watch on the dock for charging.

2. Next, attach the power adapter to the charging dock wire.

3. After that, plug the power adapter into a wall socket to charge the watch.

4. How to charge the Garmin watch without cable?

You can see that without the special charger, there isn’t a way to power your Garmin watch. In conclusion, any power source is OK, but a Garmin charging cable is required. As of right now, rapid and wireless charging are not supported by any Garmin watch models.


This article covers all the methods of how to charge a Garmin watch without charger. You may charge your Garmin watch in several ways without a charger. A computer, a vehicle charger, an A.C. converter, or a battery pack are all options. Pick the best approach for you because each strategy has benefits and drawbacks.

Whichever way you decide, pay close attention to the directions to charge your watch securely and effectively rather than get a brand-new German watch charger.

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