Polar Ignite GPS Smartwatch Review 

If you are looking for precision with your polar ignite GPS smartwatch review, the fitness tracking in the Polar ignite will keep you in better accord with the state of your body. The ductile training guide is a nice touch that helps us sync better with our devices based on our current energy. This watch is a significant partner for fitness, but it needs to work on post-workout activities because it is a desirable enough watch to wear out.

The polar ignite GPS smartwatch is designed as a general-purpose fitness device aimed at people who are just starting a new exercise rule, but it’s intended to overlook an all-purpose smartwatch. You can also check out the best fitness trackers with heart rate monitors in our related article.

The Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch is a beautiful-looking watch that performs various functions not frequently seen in other smartwatches. Also, Its user interface is unique because it updates daily workouts depending on the energy element of your day, such as how much sleep and nap you had or how many steps you’ve taken, which makes things feel more attached and may lead to better results during your fitness tour.

Polar Ignite GPS Smartwatch Review: Check out

Features and Software 

A vital feature of the Polar Ignite 2 GPS smartwatch reviews experience is Polar’s FitSpark software, which the polar vantage M2 and Polar Unite also come filled with.  

Similar to how malleable text on your phone learns how you type, offering more correct predictions over time, Polar’s FitSpark will suggest workout procedures based on your training history, fitness level, comeback times, and how well you slept the last night.

If you’ve had a poor night’s sleep because one of your cats started to score at your door at 4:00 am, FitSpark will suggest something a little kind. 

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App & performance

This smartwatch uses most of the above features, and you’ll need to sync it with Polar Flow, a multi-platform app that archives all of your fitness data, from your sleeping cycle to your Personal Bests. As well as mobile apps and features (iOS and Android), there are also desktops similar (for Windows and Mac OS). 

When setting up this smartwatch for the first time, you’ll probably find it uncomplicated to use your laptop to do this, as it needs that you use the provided USB cable to sync everything; the set-up process takes around 20 minutes almost and is fully intensive; it’ll hit the Polar Ignite 2’s battery a bit.

Build and Design 

While the Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch 2 is chiefly an exercise aid, Polar has consumed time making this look anything but; it looks more like a trendy piece than an activity tracker, something that’s strengthened by the fact that you can buy crystal-studded wrist thongs. 

While the circular 1.7 LCD, with its touch metal bezel, both looks and feels superior, the resolution (240 x 204) is relatively low. The flat Dragontrail glass finish, while not poorly overlooked per se, has a different beauty and attractiveness than pillowed 2.5D or 3D glass.

When running through the playground, the display quality and brightness are fine enough to tell you your current heart rate. At a glance, that’s extremely important, but it shatters the mirage of attraction. 


The Polar Ignite 2 GPS smartwatch is supposed to give you five days’ worth of power; presume that you will be exercising all around.

In my incident, it just about gives you that. After three days of use, I was hobbling along on 23% battery, a little disturbed that it’d have sufficient power to record my fourth day of activity, but it carried on, giving me 17% at the end of the day.

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When I woke the following day, I was on 10%, and the smartwatch kept reminding me to charge it. While it will get you to four to five days, I wonder if this means ‘five days where you’re exercising regularly.

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Price & Availability 

This smartwatch is available to buy directly from Polar, priced at £199.50 in the UK or $ 229.90 in the United States. 

Other events, including the GAA store, James Moore Jewellers, First class watches, and outdoor GB, are selling the Polar Ignite 2 GPS for the same UK price.

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Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch: Specs

43 x 43 x 8.5 mm

  • 35
  • 1.7in LCD screen, 197 pp Resolution 240×204,
  • Water resistant 30m (ISO 22810, acceptable for swimming)
  • [ALS]Ambient light sensor 
  • Dragontrail glass
  • GLONASS,A-GPS, Galileo, QZSS
  • 130-210mm silicone strap
  • [BLE] Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 165 mAh Li-pol battery
  • Primary watch mode – 5 days
  • Magnetic charging USB cable
  • Supports iOS 13.0 or more than Android ‘Varies with device.’
  • Typical usage – 20 hours of continuous training time

Frequently asked question

Q-1 Is the Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch waterproof?

 The Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch is a waterproof fitness watch with a modern wrist-based heart rate and integrated GPS that can offer a complete view of your day and advice toward a more balanced life. This new-generation workout partner helps you reach your correct potential and push your limits correctly.

Q-2 Does the Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch count steps?

The Ignite tracks your daily steps, energid burned, and active minutes and puts those all together down with your exercise to make an overall daily activity goal. This includes a choice of three stages you set in your profile that can change at any time.

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 Q-3 Can you shower with a Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch?

During testing, I kept the Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch 24 hours a day, even in the shower: Yes, it’s water resistant and can also path swimming as an activity.

 Q-4 Can you play music on Polar Ignite?

You can control music from the instruction display, watch face, or both. Choose the Training display to control the power music during your training sessions and the Watch face to enter the controls when not training from the watch face.

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In conclusion, you will get all the Polar to ignite GPS smartwatch review. The Polar Ignite GPS smartwatch lives up to being a fitness coach on your wrist. I was impressed with the detailed look at my sleep and added beat-to-beat intervals, HRV, and breathing rate. The standard recommendations for workouts pushed me as a fitness trainer would.

I could only sometimes keep up with those recommendations, but it provided different workouts if the one it proposed differed from what you wanted to do or had time for that day. 

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